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Listen and listen to the songs that the The Faita choir offers from time to time to his audience and fans, - even when we know by heart the words and melody - it allows us to discover new, engage and fascinate (passionate) sensations.

They arise on (by) the mood of everyone: sometimes quiet, another perhaps a bit 'sad and worried, others even bored... Anyway yet each of these songs - in Italian, in Latin, Provencal, in Hebrew, in English language or in dialect - always have something new to communicate, to share. How is it possible?

The explanation is, at the same time, simple and particular: a choir cannot express or inspire awe if unless his first was measured his songs. In addition, this situation it has to happen whenever it performs, even if it repeats songs dozens and dozens of times, tested and retested in the strenuous preparations for exhibitions and concerts.

These songs have an evocative value: a bit 'like when, we were small and we were telling 'fairy tales' before falling asleep: they were always the same stories that we heard countless times, yet pleasant and exciting.

Here, The Faita’s Choir learns and lives inside the 'stories' of periods, different countries and places through his songs; it gets involved, excite and thus offers its audience a dense repertoire of feelings and emotions. Moreover, these motions really deserve to be lived! 

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