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A group of friends singing lovers set up the Faita’s Choir in 1966 into Gavardo (Brescia, Italy).

Its name is chosen to remember the hill situated in the territory of Gavardo. At the beginning, the singing group mainly offers a repertoire of songs and alpine mountain. After a few years, it becomes a virtuoso interpreter of 'singing' of the famous Venetian composer Bepi De Marzi, minstrel of our day.At a later time his repertoire is enriched with traditional songs of Brescia and some ballads are recovered and harmonized specifically for choirs.

The growth and evolution of the group leading the Faita’s Choir to engage in recent years in the execution of pieces of sacred and secular polyphony, as well as in experimenting with the songs of folklore and international folk music.

The Faita’s Choir has always stood for its artistic and human communication skills, which led to important experiences, which enable the contact with varied cultures of the world. For example, the Choir participated in the International Choral Competition in Tours, France, finishing in 2nd place ex-aequo in the category male voices, just drove by this provision, as well as it participate in other prestigious competitions In folk songs National, finishing several times in 1st place.

In addition, it takes part in many concerts, festivals and tours in Italy and abroad: France, Austria, Germany, Azerbaidjian, Russia, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Japan. In 2003, the Choir is performed at the Vatican for an unforgettable audience, where it sang for the Holy Father, Saint John Paul II, exceptionally siding 'around' to him, instead of 'before' as required by the protocol! In 2016, he celebrated the fiftieth with his supporters and fans through multiple initiatives and created a commemorative Epub, to continue to thrill his fans.

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